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Tree topping, a bad idea

Hey Guys,

I'm seeing a lot of tree topping in southern Grant Co. Wi. Please do not have anyone top your tree! I took some pics of the tree this summer, from a distance and when there is plumage the tree looks healthy.

This particular tree is between two houses, and the branches were touching both of them. I had little choice on the follow up trimming. I would have preferred to prune this tree but the regrowth was already outgrowing the space. In addition as you can see the base of the tree has been injured beyond a reasonable amount to expect a recovery from this damage.

The best situation is always to choose the correct tree for the space. But sometimes you may inherit a situation like this where there is a soft maple growing with only 15' on either side.

The previous tree service and the property owners decided to top this tree over 11 years ago. It may seem like a good option considering the tree provided good shade quickly again after topping, but in reality this tree was putting both houses in more danger. The fast regrowth (known as water sprouts) actually will put your houses in more danger. The regrowth grows very quickly making long slender branches that are weak and spindly. In addition as you can see from the pictures the tree has cracks and is rotting away from the inside.

If the tree service you contact recommends topping get a second opinion!

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